14 – 18th March.. Work experience.

Hey guys,

Just a quick update from last week.

Anyway, Level 3 and I have been told by my teacher that if I do not do work experience I will not pass my course as she will automatically fail me. (Teacher was nice last year, now she has been promoted to Manager she is a bitch).

SO FINALLY AT  THE GOOD BIT. So from the 14-18th March 2016 I had to go and do work experience at a Hotel and I would this would be a good opportunity for me….. I thought wrong.

First day 14th March basically background knowledge of me is that when I am in a group I am a very confident person. When I am on my own my barriers come up and I am EXTREMELY shy (and its awful) My nan one told me is to just “Act” confident like its a show and no one will know. Which I used to my advantage on my first day.

First day and I am extremely confident. Introducing myself to everyone and shaking their hands before they could even walk through the door. It was a “Manic Monday” as they told me as they had a wedding that night and we had to go kick people out of their rooms at 12 midday. Also there is a no smoking policy, people had been smoking in the rooms and we had to go take pictures like it was a crime scene. From 12 midday there was ABSOLUTLEY nothing for me to do and it was like this for the remainder of the week.

I even had to phone in sick one day as I had a terrible migraine from doing nothing from 9am – 5pm every day.

Anyway comes to my last day and I have been offered an interview in one branch for 15 – 20 hours per week at nearly double my pay that I am on now which is so tempting for me. I don’t know if they will allow me to do weekend work and evenings from 5pm but if they can I will say goodbye to my weekend job at ….. Which I hope they would allow that if they like me in the interview if I put my CV forward.

The weekend comes and I always dread it because I hate some of the customers that come in and treat the shop like shit and I cant even say nothing to them I just have to clean up their mess. Anyway, I dread it for other reasons as I have these 3 boys swooning over me and it makes me feel very uncomfortable as they like to get too close for comfort. One is a creep and 22. One is Jewish (he is very nice and friendly). Also one is a man slut who likes to try his luck with ‘Banta’ but it really isn’t. I have a boyfriend and they know that I have been with him for a long time but where is the respect?

A new week has started and hopefully many great things will arise for me and you around the corner.



K… x










About me…x

Hey guys,

First ever blog, so I literally have no idea how this is going to turn out.

So, about me.

Firstly my name is going to remain anonymous, purely because I know my rage is going to the end up on my blogs and I’m most likely going to end up slagging people I know off on here so my name is ‘K’ for the time being.

I am 17 years old and from London in the United Kingdom. I have a boyfriend who name I shall not say, but I have been with him for a few years and we are going to be experiencing our first ever holiday together this year.

I have two jobs and I literally cant stand both of them and I should really hope I either win the lottery so I never have to work again or hope that my boyfriend earns lots and lots of money when he is older and I can just become a housewife… we can all dream cant we?

Other than that I don’t really know what else to write… so on that note. If you have read this then, THANKS FOR READING XX.


K… x