Where have i been the last month?!

Hey Guys,

Apologies firstly because I haven’t kept you all updated.  I have truly been so busy over the last month but what can I do??

So what has happened since last time?

Just after I finished my last blog I went to work and basically got the worst flu of my life. I couldn’t even more I was that bad and it lasted for a good two weeks. Then when I was just getting over it, my mum and dad caught it as well so the whole house was ill for a good 3 weeks.  >:(.

Also I found out my close friend at work turnt out not to be my close friend after all. She has kept me and me only in the dark for ages and wasn’t even going to tell me that she was leaving the job. I am quite sad about it as she has been going behind me and my friend M’s back for ages by going out and not inviting us. Shame really. I know she wont keep in touch which is quite sad really seeming as we have been friends for nearly 2 years.

Went and see my boyfriend run his race and he was so amazing. I actually love him so much. We went to see ‘Tonight at the Palladium’ being recorded (FREE TICKETS) woop. We sat in the stalls and Craig David come out and was peforming YES. and all our holiday is paid off and I just want to book another holiday now.


Hope you guys have all been well..












14 – 18th March.. Work experience.

Hey guys,

Just a quick update from last week.

Anyway, Level 3 and I have been told by my teacher that if I do not do work experience I will not pass my course as she will automatically fail me. (Teacher was nice last year, now she has been promoted to Manager she is a bitch).

SO FINALLY AT  THE GOOD BIT. So from the 14-18th March 2016 I had to go and do work experience at a Hotel and I would this would be a good opportunity for me….. I thought wrong.

First day 14th March basically background knowledge of me is that when I am in a group I am a very confident person. When I am on my own my barriers come up and I am EXTREMELY shy (and its awful) My nan one told me is to just “Act” confident like its a show and no one will know. Which I used to my advantage on my first day.

First day and I am extremely confident. Introducing myself to everyone and shaking their hands before they could even walk through the door. It was a “Manic Monday” as they told me as they had a wedding that night and we had to go kick people out of their rooms at 12 midday. Also there is a no smoking policy, people had been smoking in the rooms and we had to go take pictures like it was a crime scene. From 12 midday there was ABSOLUTLEY nothing for me to do and it was like this for the remainder of the week.

I even had to phone in sick one day as I had a terrible migraine from doing nothing from 9am – 5pm every day.

Anyway comes to my last day and I have been offered an interview in one branch for 15 – 20 hours per week at nearly double my pay that I am on now which is so tempting for me. I don’t know if they will allow me to do weekend work and evenings from 5pm but if they can I will say goodbye to my weekend job at ….. Which I hope they would allow that if they like me in the interview if I put my CV forward.

The weekend comes and I always dread it because I hate some of the customers that come in and treat the shop like shit and I cant even say nothing to them I just have to clean up their mess. Anyway, I dread it for other reasons as I have these 3 boys swooning over me and it makes me feel very uncomfortable as they like to get too close for comfort. One is a creep and 22. One is Jewish (he is very nice and friendly). Also one is a man slut who likes to try his luck with ‘Banta’ but it really isn’t. I have a boyfriend and they know that I have been with him for a long time but where is the respect?

A new week has started and hopefully many great things will arise for me and you around the corner.



K… x









About me…x

Hey guys,

First ever blog, so I literally have no idea how this is going to turn out.

So, about me.

Firstly my name is going to remain anonymous, purely because I know my rage is going to the end up on my blogs and I’m most likely going to end up slagging people I know off on here so my name is ‘K’ for the time being.

I am 17 years old and from London in the United Kingdom. I have a boyfriend who name I shall not say, but I have been with him for a few years and we are going to be experiencing our first ever holiday together this year.

I have two jobs and I literally cant stand both of them and I should really hope I either win the lottery so I never have to work again or hope that my boyfriend earns lots and lots of money when he is older and I can just become a housewife… we can all dream cant we?

Other than that I don’t really know what else to write… so on that note. If you have read this then, THANKS FOR READING XX.


K… x